Why This Blog?

Mark Driscoll is an alright guy.  Or at least he seems like he’s an alright guy.  According to his Wikipedia page, he was born in North Dakota, a state that I honestly can’t say anything bad about.  Of course, I can’t say anything good about it either.  In fact, I can’t really say anything about it besides that Mark Driscoll was born there.  Mark Driscoll is also a Christian and he is the “Preaching Pastor” of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, which is a place I can say all kinds of good things about.

So thats really all you need to know about Mark Driscoll.  But why did I decide to start a blog about the man?  Really for one reason only.  Because as a Roman Catholic who has friends who attend the Church, I can’t stand to listen to how he misrepresents my Church.  His people at Mars Hill deserve a pastor who is going to take seriously what the largest Christian Church in the world believes, not ridicule them and misrepresent them with straw man arguments.

So here is what I plan to do.  I plan to go through all content that Pastor Driscoll has written or said about the Catholic Church and explain why he has misrepresented it.  I will then attempt to explain all the doctrines with the seriousness that they deserve (and maybe I’ll even point out a thing or two he says that I like!).  I do not wish to do this all alone, and hope I can convince a few of my friends to join me.

I’d like to make a special invitation to any Mars Hill Church members to comment and ask questions about this site.  I hope to answer any questions you may have about the Church that Jesus Christ himself started.  I love Jesus Christ, I love that he gave me a Church that gave me so much, and I don’t want to hog it all for myself.  There is plenty here for everybody, and I pray for the day when we will all be united in truth, worship, and action that our Lord wants from us.

Just email us at Driscollwatch@gmail.com!

God Bless you all, and enjoy!

The Management


12 comments on “Why This Blog?

  1. Anselm says:

    I am Catholic and don’t like Mark Driscolls teachings at all. I’m really looking forward to this site.

  2. Robert Dailey says:

    While I recognize that you have every right to defend your denominational idiosyncrasies, there are better things to do with your time than have a site devoted to Mark Driscoll.

    • zeeehjee says:

      I agree, which is why most of my time is not spent updating this blog. But where do I draw the line? If somebody makes one or two inaccurate claims about Catholicism I’m ok to let them just be wrong. But this is different. Pastor Mark at the time was habitually making inaccurate statements. Furthermore, he was using these inaccurate statements to bring people into his Church. If people want to leave my Church thats fine, but they should do so in good conscience knowing what they are actually leaving behind.

      Furthermore, as I said, I have friends at Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll is the most influential protestant in my region, so that is why I focus on Mark Driscoll as opposed to some other pastor of some other Church.

      Would love it if you would read some of posts here and comment on them.

  3. israelalvarados says:

    Zeeehjee, you should look at the Roman Catholic church globally, specially in Mexico which is the country that I’m from and realize that the doctrines that are taught are leading people astray from the faith in Christ.
    I have not met a Mexican Roman Catholic that reads the Bible, or that even prays besides the priests and deacons.
    I admire the Roman Catholic Church bud I do not understand why it allows people to live in darkness and to live their lives totally away from what the Bible teaches.

    • zeeehjee says:

      Israel –

      Thanks for the comment and sorry it took me a few days to approve it and to respond. I don’t do maintenance on this blog very much anymore.

      I agree that it is not good that reading the Bible not a more common aspect within “Catholic Culture.” Part of the reason that there isn’t a culture of Bible reading in the Catholic Church is that the Catholic Church pre-dates people actually being able to own Bibles. Throughout the vast majority of Church history, making books and buying books were both very expensive. In fact, Books had to be copied by hand which took a very long time. We live in a lucky time. We can actually have a Bible in our homes, but most of the Christians who lived didn’t live in our time and they weren’t able to own a Bible. So this is something that can change and I hope it does. I’m sure that when you’ve been to mass you’ve heard the Bible read in large chunks, though, have you not? Thus, even though we don’t have a culture in which people read the Bible Catholics have plenty of access to the scriptures – and they get to hear it without it being filtered through their pastor’s own understanding.

      That being said, I think you’re sorely mistaken to infer that there aren’t Catholics in Mexico who pray. I’ve been to Mexico four times. I’ve been to Mexico City, Puebla, and Tijuana and I’ve set foot in many Catholic Churches there and people are always there praying. There are people inside praying from the time the Church opens to the time it closes.

      Which specific doctrines do you think are leading people astray from faith in Jesus? The doctrines that I believe as a Catholic have actually increased my faith in Jesus. They’ve drawn me closer to the heart of Jesus and I’d love to tell you about it if you’d like to cite one that leads people away from him.

      • Theophilus says:

        Zeeehjee – I do not see that as a strong enough reason for not encouraging the culture of Bible reading in today’s times. Bibles are everywhere now. We can access interlinear Bibles via google in seconds. We are no longer living in that “Dark” era where the priests kept the truth from the people. So why not change the culture now? Why not get Bible studies started in the Roman Catholic Church?

        If you truly love Jesus, and I am taking you at your word, then you will want people to read His Word. I suggest you encourage Bible studies in your Church. Be the first to start a Bible study!

        I’ve attended Mass myself on a couple occasions when invited by a family friend of mine who is Catholic. I was the only one bringing a Bible into the Mass. And mine has notes I wrote in the margins, underlining of passages, and is worn from usage. Interestingly, those who came to Mass arrived empty handed and left empty handed. Why not have everyone bring their Bibles with them to Mass? And have Bible studies too!

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  9. clintufford says:

    I believe that Mark Driscoll does a lot of great things for Christ; he brings a lot of people in need to Jesus. But, yes, he misrepresents the Catholic Church because of the failures he found within Catholicism – his unfortunate lack of catechesis.

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