Mark Driscoll Resigns

Today, Mars Hill Church announced the resignation of Mark Driscoll.  Warren Throckmorton has the details.

When I started this blog I admit I did feel a bit threatened by Mark Driscoll.  He was very intimidating in a worldly sense, meaning he was a great communicator, was popular, and was enjoying a fair amount of worldly success.  That’s not to say he wasn’t experiencing spiritual success as well.  It just means that his tangible and measurable success was impressive.

I also knew, when I started this blog that Mars Hill would eventually crumble.  Friends of mine who used to be protestants said, “He’s going to fall pretty hard one of these days.”  Their words turned out to be very prophetic.  I know that Mark Driscoll is not Mars Hill and that Mars Hill hasn’t exactly crumbled yet, but this deals it quite a blow.

Dear Evangelicals, I’m noticing a pattern.  Churches, ministries, whatevers begin and enjoy worldly success but then a decade or two later they’re done.  Just look at the Crystal Cathedral, Calvary Chapel (Even though its still operating well, I include it in that it turned into the Church culture it was rebelling against), and now Mars Hill.  All once seemingly unstoppable spirit filled ministries, and now all gone or almost all gone.  It must be tiring to try and find a good Church when there are so many stories like this.

But isn’t that what should be expected with our protestant mindset when we make finding a cool pastor, good music, and a young congregation our starting point?  Style changes, music does as well, and people get older.  It doesn’t go on forever.  Instead of looking for things that pass away in your Church, why not start with this question: What is the Church that Jesus established?  Start there and when you find your answer you won’t care if your pastor is kind of a dork, the music is banal, and if you’re sitting next to old people.

For me, that question is why I’m Catholic.  The reason I’m Catholic is because I believe its the Church Jesus established.  Not everyone agrees.  Some people ask the same question and wind up being Eastern Orthodox.  Perhaps somebody believes Jesus actually established the protestant denominations, though I know of nobody who examined that question and actually concluded that Jesus established a Church 1500 years after he ascended into heaven.

Just something to think about.  As for this blog, I’m not sure it has a reason to exist anymore.  I’ll keep it up and you can still comment and I might even respond.  But now with Driscoll out of ministry there shouldn’t be too many comments about Catholicism, and if there aren’t any comments about Catholicism we probably won’t have anything to comment on.  So we probably won’t have any reason to post.

But who knows… something tells me Mark Driscoll isn’t done with preaching the “Gospel” forever.  He’ll be back, and when he is, we’ll be there to set you straight on what he says about Catholicism.

Blessings, and thanks for reading.


3 comments on “Mark Driscoll Resigns

  1. Matt says:

    Ding, dong, the witch is dead. I am one of those Catholics who left the Church to go to Mars Hill. I’m back to the Church now, wiser. I came back earlier this year, in March, when it became obvious that Mars Hill was in a death spiral.

    Originally, I was wowed by the energy, the youth, the coolness, the music, and the entertaining sermons of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Over time, though, things began to not add up. “That doesn’t sound Biblical,” I thought, “Or that. Or that. Or that.” All the while, the leadership of Mars Hill with Mark Driscoll its main ringleader would urge us to press on, to not question, and to submit to authority. For the longest time, I assumed I was missing something, that they were the leaders and more Spirit-inspired than I.

    Take Driscoll’s endless fascination with MMA and being a bad-ass, for example. It seemed to kind of directly contradict what Galatians 5 talks about as the fruits of the Spirit. The impression was that the ultimate manifestation of the Spirit in a modern-day Christian man was his ability to pub crawl, smoke a cigar, scratch his balls, and punch malcontents in the throat. I missed that in my reading of the Bible. Or take the way Driscoll attempted to slap down Francis Chan for leaving the church he had started because, as Chan described it, he was hearing the name of Francis Chan more than he was hearing the name of Jesus; how Driscoll derided Chan’s giving away of most of his income as a “theology of poverty.”

    Driscoll turned out to be just another in a long succession of Protestant charlatans who have further divided the Church of Christ.

    While I wish the Church could maybe pick up some of Mars Hill’s music (it was really, really good IMO), I really don’t miss much else. I’m glad to be back in the Catholic Church.

    • zeeehjee says:

      Hi Matt,

      Welcome back! I’m sorry you had to leave to find some of the good things that MH had to offer, but we can rejoice in the good things MH gave you. I hope you’ll be able to take some of things that you learned there and make them useful in your current parish!

  2. JPB says:

    Mr. Driscoll has started a church plant in Phoenix (The Trinity Church).

    We’ll see what comes of it.

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