On Hiatus

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, Driscollwatch has been on hiatus and will continue to be on hiatus. The reason is actually good. Several months ago we contacted Mark Driscoll and actually had the opportunity to meet up with him for coffee and a little bit of theological discussion. It was a wonderful meeting and hopefully will not be the last.

Pastor Mark seemed to be quite sensitive to our concerns and since our meeting he hasn’t said anything about Catholicism we’ve taken issue with. We are continuing to monitor Mars Hill, however any issues we have will be dealt with Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill staff personally before they are written about here.  I will, however, be continuing to monitor the comments if you’d like to discuss anything written up until this point.

We are thankful to Mark Driscoll and the folks at Mars Hill and look forward to future meetings.


2 comments on “On Hiatus

  1. joseph says:

    what happen? did he say he was going to stop teaching the things he is teaching. just wondering

    • zeeehjee says:

      Joseph –

      Well, he didn’t make any promises, but since then, he has only brought up the Catholic Church once (that I have seen) and it was in a neutral manner.

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