Could he be talking about…

Nah.  Couldn’t be.  Could it?

From his Sermon, Jesus Heals on the Sabbath, given on January 30, 2011.

And [religious people] show up in the weirdest places. Jesus is walking from Galilee to Jerusalem over the course of many months, he’s out in the middle of nowhere in a field and it says the Pharisees were there. Like they teleported in. These guys are stalkers, they’re just following him around. Religious people love to keep an eye on everyone else. And now in the age of the Internet and Facebook and Twitter and blogs, they’re worse than ever. Keeping an eye on everyone and everything, always looking for a fight. It’s a religious attitude.

I don’t know exactly who Mark Driscoll is talking about here, but I have been very clear that I started this blog for one reason and one reason only and I think it is at least a good time to take the opportunity to reemphasize it.  I did not begin Driscollwatch for any of the reasons that Mark mentions here. I’m not here to tear down anybody’s faith, in fact, I have repeatedly praised Mars Hill here on this blog. So Pastor Mark probably wasn’t talking about us, although I’d love to know that he has read what I have to say (there are, after all, plenty of other evangelical protestants who spill a lot of cyber ink on Mark and his style of preaching).

Mark Driscoll says many things that I don’t agree with as a Catholic.  I disagree with his theology of predestination, his stance on birth control, his theology of Grace in the life of a Christian and many other things.  But I didn’t start this blog to try and fight him on any of his theological positions.  Mark Driscoll and the folks at Mars Hill have every right to worship God and believe in him according to their conscience, and as a Catholic I defend their right to do so.

But I did start this blog for a reason, and that reason is to defend my faith against what I believe to be unfair explanations of my faith, whether they are made out of ignorance or whether they are deliberate. I hope to educate him and people that he has influence over as to why I and other faithful Catholics believe what we believe and do what we do.

The thing about some religious people is that they like to pretend like they know everything, not just about their own beliefs, but about everyone else’s beliefs as well.  All I want is for  Pastor Mark to explain my beliefs accurately, as I’m sure he would all expect of me.

So Mark, its pretty simple.  If you ever bring up my beliefs, just explain them accurately!  If you ever need help or clarification for anything again, just send me an email ( ) and I’d be happy to explain things to you.  And if you don’t, I’m going to keep writing here to explain my beliefs for you.