Applause for Mars Hill

In a previous post I stated that Mars Hill and the Catholic Church are allies in many of today’s greatest cultural battles.  One battle I failed to mention is the issue of Human Trafficking in Seattle.

Mars Hill Church’s downtown campus is aware of the problem of Human Trafficking in Seattle and is doing something about it through a ministry called REST. The downtown campus will be sponsoring a Town Hall event on Tuesday, the 19th to discuss this ministry.  Although I won’t be able to attend, I will certainly be praying that Mars Hill and all men and women of good will can do something about this scourge on our city.

May God put an end to this dehumanizing practice!

Update: More from the Mars Hill Blog: Trapped and Trafficked.

Disclaimer: Although this is noble, I question the strategy mentioned in the video of actually entering a strip club to build relationships with these women, especially for men.  The consequence of a theology of eternal security is that many well meaning Christians can place themselves into situations of temptation thinking they are immune to temptation when in fact they aren’t.  If anyone attends this event they might want to raise this as an area of concern.


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