St. Ignatius of Antioch Links

Last week Mark Driscoll posted a good article on what the Church is on the Mars Hill blog.  I think Mark Driscoll did a good job summarizing the Church in this article, and as a Catholic I don’t have any serious disagreements with what he has written.  In fact, I believe the Catholic Church is the best example of what Mark Driscoll says the Church is.  For more on what the Catholic Church teaches about “The Church,” I recommend the applicable passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

I also recommend one of the heroes of the early Church, St. Ignatius of Antioch.  Fortunately, there are a couple of recently published articles one might find interesting.

Wherefore I write boldly to your love, which is worthy of God, and exhort you to have but one faith, and one [kind of] preaching, and one Eucharist. For there is one flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ; and His blood which was shed for us is one; one loaf also is broken to all [the communicants], and one cup is distributed among them all: there is but one altar for the whole Church, and one bishop, with the presbytery and deacons, my fellow-servants. Since, also, there is but one unbegotten Being, God, even the Father; and one only-begotten Son, God, the Word and man; and one Comforter, the Spirit of truth; and also one preaching, and one faith, and one baptism; and one Church which the holy apostles established from one end of the earth to the other by the blood of Christ, and by their own sweat and toil; it behooves you also, therefore, as “a peculiar people, and a holy nation,” to perform all things with harmony in Christ.

Ignatius of Antioch, Letter to the Philadelphians 4,1


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