Catholicism: What We Are Really About

Most protestants learn what Catholicism is about from their protestant pastor.  Mark Driscoll teaches the folks at Mars Hill what Catholicism is about all the time.  He says that Catholicism is about following goofy rules, making stuff up about Mary, having sex only to make babies, and following non biblical traditions.  At least, that is what he thinks we are all about. Over the last couple of months we’ve been serving the people at Mars Hill Church by demonstrating that some of the things he thinks we are about are not actually what we are about.  However, in the process of explaining what we are not about, we have ignored explaining what we are about.

So for the next series of posts, that is what we are going to talk about.  We’re going to talk about what Catholicism is really about so that everyone who visits this blog, whether they are Catholic, atheist, or Lutheran, or Mars Hillian, or whatever will not be confused.  As a Catholic I personally have no problem at all if a person says they disagree with something I believe.  If somebody from Mars Hill disagrees with me about the perpetual virginity of Mary, that’s ok with me.  What I do have a problem with is when a person says they disagree with me about something I don’t actually believe.  These are called Straw Man arguments because they attack a position that Catholics do not actually hold.  Not only are they illogical and untrue, but they can be offensive if they are continually perpetuated.

It is my prayer that whoever stumbles upon these posts will not only find them interesting, but will learn from them as well.



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