The Silence

DriscollWatch is off to a great start! Thank you all for reading! We have received many hits on the blog, and most of these visitors are reading multiple articles which I believe is a very positive sign. We have also received a couple of emails from Catholics who have friends who attend MarsHill and have had to defend the faith against things Mark Driscoll has said about our Church.

Unfortunately, real life has caught up with me and I have not been able to post for some time. Not only that, but my internet situation is not very good right now, and I am unable to download sermons off the Mars Hill Church website as easily as I was up in the Northwest.

There will be more posts coming, but they will not be very frequent. I also have some guest posts in the works and will hopefully get those up on the blog in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can help us make this blog better by perusing the Mars Hill Website for content that relates to Catholicism and telling us where it is. For example, you might encounter a blog post that mentions something that find to be erroneous or misleading regarding the Church. If you do, send us the link and tell us what you find troubling. You can contact us at .

Even better, however, would be to find a sermon that might have something to do with the faith. Listen to the sermon and tell us when the information occurs. This will help us out a lot as it will allow us to get posts up a lot faster.

So keep reading the blog! Comment! Join our facebook page and follow us on Twitter! And most importantly pray for us!


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